Hi. I’m Michaelah. I guide people who long for happiness and peace to fulfill it.

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Are you ready to refine into a new present awareness that emboldens healthy habits empowering you into a new way of relating to yourself and the world?


No one is more qualified than you to decide what your life will be.


Re-invent yourself by turning your suffering into wisdom and flip the script from mistakes into discoveries and chores into adventCHORES!


Do what you love, be who you are, and have what you need.

Ready. Set. Re-invent.

Heartnership is a fresh and inspired approach on love for people who wish to create healthy and gratifying relationships.

Individual Sessions

In the Self-Empowered Sovereignty coaching process, you will learn to unleash your confidence and take control of your life through awakened awareness, embodied empowerment, and newfound inspiration.

Learn to connect with your wisdom, power, and courage to live your life from a place of wholeness and connection.

Couple Sessions

The RelationShift is an expansive space that allows couples to shift their experience out of distress and insecurity and into a healthy foundation for a fresh start.

This space allows you and your partner to redisgn your union through practicing positivity, understanding, respect and good will moving you toward greater intimacy and the power of a change of heart.

Feel Good Transformation Course

This educational experience will help you to understand that all of life’s problems are created in the same way and you will be guided toward your innate ability to resolve them once and for all. I offer new understandings in mental health that will transform the way you navigate experiences, giving you the power to maneuver through life’s obstacles. You will learn a new perspective and understanding in psychology that looks at human potential in a whole new way.

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Michaelah Ivie, MA

Innate Well-Being Specialist

Michaelah, a certified transformative coach holding dual Master's degrees and two decades of experience, specializes in empowering individuals and couples to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and insecurity.  She guides people to rediscover themselves at a fundamental level, breaking free from the constraints of negative thinking. Her coaching transcends mere skill acquisition, focusing on guiding clients through the process of change, helping them find solutions in turbulent times, and fostering a resilient and healthy mindset.

With unwavering belief in her clients' untapped potential, Michaelah serves as a guiding light. She helps individuals shed the limitations of their past and embrace limitless possibilities, inspiring them to become architects of their destinies.

In a world often shadowed by negativity, Michaelah Ivie is a beacon, illuminating the path to a brighter, more fulfilling future. 

"Love's got everything to do with it. You've got a heart and it's made to be open not broken." — Michaelah

Feel Good Transformation Course →
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“Michaelah is the bomb.com. Her heart, intuition, presence and skillful guidance had me feeling seen and honored for my inner truth and greatest expression.”
Debra, Award-Winning Food Artist
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“Michaelah helped us to rebuild our relationship and shed away our differences in a way that we both started to get what we wanted in our relationship.”
Henry, Owner Man Cave America
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“Working with Michaelah is a guarantee that your life will be transformed. Her tool belt is vast, her intuition astute, and the quality of her emotional support is rock solid. She shares true care and a no-nonsense approach to getting to the core of things in a practical way.”
Krista Bluesmith, Writer & Videographer
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“I have had many coaching sessions in my life but I’ve never been guided through a breakthrough and blindspot so quickly. Michaelah helped me to reconnect with the part of me who needed to be seen and healed. She is present, caring, loving, powerful and her presence is undeniable. I felt trust and safety with her from the first second.  I am so grateful for Michaelah in my life, her skill is phenomenal.”
Emmanuelle Blanc, Mindset & Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs
I serve as a catalyst, igniting the profound transformation and metamorphosis of self-love within individuals. Drawing from my deep understanding and personal journey with love and peace, I facilitate the awakening of inner compassion and acceptance.
Heartnership is a commitment to valuing the balance between masculine and feminine energies and rising up in the dignity of mutual respect, understanding, and appreciation for each other’s differences in a balanced and powerful way.
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