Hi. I’m Michaelah.
I guide people who long for happiness and peace to fulfill it.

Are you ready to refine into a new present awareness that emboldens healthy habits empowering you into a new way of relating to yourself and the world?


No one is more qualified than you to decide what your life will be.


Re-invent yourself by turning your suffering into wisdom and flip the script from mistakes into discoveries and chores into adventCHORES!


Do what you love, be who you are, and have what you need.

Ready. Set. Re-invent.

Heartnership is a fresh and inspired approach on love for people who wish to create healthy and gratifying relationships.

Individual Sessions

In the Self-Empowered Sovereignty coaching process, you will learn to unleash your confidence and take control of your life through awakened awareness, embodied empowerment, and newfound inspiration. Learn to connect with your wisdom, power, and courage to live your life from a place of wholeness and connection.

Couple Sessions

The RelationShift is an expansive space that allows couples to shift their experience out of distress and insecurity and into a healthy foundation for a fresh start. This space allows you and your partner to redisgn your union through practicing positivity, understanding, respect and good will moving you toward greater intimacy and the power of a change of heart.

Good Feelings Mastery Course

This educational experience will help you to understand that all of life’s problems are created in the same way and you will be guided toward your innate ability to resolve them once and for all. I offer new understandings in mental health that will transform the way you navigate experiences, giving you the power to maneuver through life’s obstacles. You will learn a new perspective and understanding in psychology that looks at human potential in a whole new way.

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Michaelah Ivie, MA

Innate Well-Being Specialist

Michaelah Ivie, International Best-Selling Author and Certified Transformational Coach with two master's degrees and two decades of experience, passionately dedicates herself to uplifting individuals and couples. Her expertise lies in transforming lives marred by stress, anxiety, depression, and insecurity. Michaelah's unique coaching philosophy centers on a profound journey of self-discovery, helping clients break free from the chains of negative thoughts to unveil their true essence.

Her sessions transcend traditional coaching, focusing instead on inspiring deep, lasting change. Michaelah guides her clients through life's storms, empowering them to uncover solutions and cultivate a robust, positive mindset. With a steadfast belief in the extraordinary potential within everyone, she serves as an inspiring guide, encouraging clients to release their historical constraints and embrace a world of infinite possibilities.

In an era often clouded by pessimism, Michaelah shines as a guiding light, inspiring a path to a brighter, more enriching future. She doesn’t just change lives—she redefines them, inspiring her clients to become the architects of their destinies and pioneers of their joy.

"Love's got everything to do with it. You've got a heart and it's made to be open." — Michaelah

Manifesting Magical Moments

Manifesting Magical Moments

Amazon #1 Best Seller in many categories across the US and Canada! This project's launch was a testament to our collective teamwork and Magic. Melisa Keenan and Heart Open Publishing Enterprise, Thank you for making this an awesome experience for us all! —Michaelah Ivie, co-author

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What my clients say...

Michaelah is the bomb.com. Her heart, intuition, presence and skillful guidance had me feeling seen and honored for my inner truth and greatest expression.

Debra, Award-Winning Food Artist

Michaelah helped us to rebuild our relationship and shed away our differences in a way that we both started to get what we wanted in our relationship.

Henry, Owner Man Cave America

Working with Michaelah is a guarantee that your life will be transformed. Her tool belt is vast, her intuition astute, and the quality of her emotional support is rock solid. She shares true care and a no-nonsense approach to getting to the core of things in a practical way.

Krista Bluesmith,
Writer & Videographer

Michaelah possesses an extraordinary gift as a channel. Her wisdom and guidance are not only grounding but also deeply transformative and healing. In each session, I've gained invaluable insights and fresh perspectives on the life lessons I've been grappling with. Michaelah creates a sacred space where I can delve into a deeper understanding of myself, empowering me to tap into my own inner wisdom. It's crucial for me, as someone who supports others, to prioritize self-care and alignment, and Michaelah's support facilitates just that. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her; she consistently offers profound answers, ideas, and visions that nourish the soul and foster powerful inner shifts.

Liya Garber
, Founder of aurakundaliniyoga.com

I have had many coaching sessions in my life but I’ve never been guided through a breakthrough and blindspot so quickly. Michaelah helped me to reconnect with the part of me who needed to be seen and healed. She is present, caring, loving, powerful and her presence is undeniable. I felt trust and safety with her from the first second.  I am so grateful for Michaelah in my life, her skill is phenomenal.

Emmanuelle Blanc, Mindset & Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs

Working with Michaelah has been an absolute blessing. Her bright and compassionate nature, coupled with her refreshing outlook on life and relationships, has guided me through both joyous and challenging moments. Michaelah's support and genuine interest have been invaluable, helping my partner and me navigate tricky situations with ease. She offers tough love when needed, and her influence has been profound. If you're seeking perspective shifts and genuine support, I highly recommend Michaelah's services. Thank you, Michaelah, for your unwavering guidance and friendship.

Ryan Curtis
, Artist

Working with Michaelah was a game-changer. She helped me see how my quick thinking under stress often led to choices and actions that didn't serve me well. Her unique way of explaining things just clicked with me.  Now that our sessions are over, I can recognize when I'm falling back into old patterns and know how to handle it. I'm calmer and more confident, and I owe a lot of that to Michaelah and the Universe for bringing us together. I know the benefits of what I've learned from her will keep showing up in my life, and I'm excited to see how they unfold.

Karen Scanlon
, Intuit Nutrition

Michaelah Ivie's coaching has been truly transformative. With her focused and powerful communication, rooted in deep understanding and supported by simple analogies and personal stories, she guided me out of negative thinking patterns and into a lane of positive possibilities. Now, personal growth, peace, and joy are my comfortable norm. Michaelah's guidance lights the path to unimaginable love and fulfillment. Thank you for keeping me focused on this incredible journey.

Chuck Easley
, Chef De Cave – La Rochelle Wines

Working with Michaelah has been such a blessing and I would recommend her to everyone! She is such a bright and compassionate soul and I look forward to our chats! I love her refreshing outlook on life and relationships, and her genuine interest in helping me when I’m having an off day. I always feel supported and listened to with a whole heart - Michaelah has helped guide me to more positive thoughts and a greater appreciation of all the little things. Thank you Michaelah!

, ...

Michaelah is a very intuitive, experienced and aware journey partner.  She sees my soul and my life very clearly.  She quickly tuned-in to my exact needs and gave me an excellent vision with tools to help me move forward.  You definitely want to work with her!!!!

Michele Newman
, High Vibe Life

Michaelah is an amazing woman, poet, wordsmith and magician. She showed me how to use my mind and my heart to create what I want in my life. She held my partner and I in a beautiful container of accountability and presence. Gentle and powerful.

, ...

I was referred to Michaelah by a wise friend during a four-year family crisis that was impacting every aspect of my life. Michaelah's simple, back-to-basics approach helped me rediscover how to interact with the world, focusing not on one relationship but on my overall perspective. Her “Good Feelings Mastery Course” brought me clarity, peace, and mental well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Michaelah and am deeply grateful for her transformative help.

, Director New Partnerships


I serve as a catalyst, igniting the profound transformation and metamorphosis of self-love within individuals. Drawing from my deep understanding and personal journey with love and peace, I facilitate the awakening of inner compassion and acceptance.